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A private hard money loan is different from an institutional conventional loan in that a hard money loan is primarily underwritten based on the value of the collateral property that secures the loan. A conventional loan follows a different guideline and typically qualifies the borrower in addition to the property. A Hard Money loan usually closes in fraction of time required by a conventional loan, making them idea for short term bridge financing.

All Pacific Holdings, Inc. is a leading principal buyer of distressed mortgage loan portfolios. We have the resources, infrastructure and financial expertise to provide full-service management of all debt acquisitions. We can perform due diligence nationally and provide an indicative bid in a very short time frame. As servicing distressed mortgage loans is not a core business for many mortgage lenders, we offer a valuable liquidity option for such.


All Pacific Holdings, Inc., combines flexibility and creativity with our expertise in REOs, mortgage origination, loan acquisition, workouts, foreclosures and various other real estate products and services, to offer unique solutions in considering a wide variety of opportunities and acquisitions.