Prudential Funding Group

This company is a strategic partner in working with lenders to recover funds quickly from their defaulted assets by providing guaranteed compensation and immediate relief.

Precise Values

Precise Values is partner in providing accurate Valuations, Unique Collection tools as well as Innovative Asset Liquidation options.

Integrity Financial AZ LLC

This company provides credit counseling, credit repair and job enhancement to potential homeowners to facilitate the progress of a real estate transaction.

Prudential Mortgage Bankers

This company has been providing equity-based loans to homeowners in San Francisco bay area since 1970.

Millenia Recovery Group

Millenia has been a key partner in acquisition of junior non-performing liens. They area national financial services company offering a variety of products and outsourcing services related to junior lien loss mitigation.

Excel Homes

Excel Homes has earned a reputation as a premier builder and provides strategic partnership with us in working with residential and commercial venture opportunities.

St. John Capital Group
St. John provides access to investment opportunities in undervalued residential and commercial real estates.

Sunvest International, Inc.
Sunvest International is strategic partner in working with secondary market for private seller held mortgages.

Note Servicing Center

This company provides convenient full service plan for nstallment collection for seller carry back, private and seller financing.

Keys Capital

Keys Capital Inc. is provides a secure and reliable vehicle for saving tax dollars through the IRC 1031 Exchange.

Strategic Asset Solutions

SAS is an advisory service firm offering alternative solutions to lenders and servicers by liquidating their REO and non-performing assets. The firm provides a beneficial service to their clients’ loan servicing platforms by facilitating competitive pricing and shorter default periods resulting in loss savings.


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