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  • St. John’s Capital Group
  • Note Servicing Center, Inc.
  • Prudential Funding Group, LLC
  • Prudential Mortgage Makers
  • Excel Homes
  • Millenia Recovery Group Inc.
  • Keys Capital, Inc.
  • Precise Values
  • Sunvest
  • Integrity Financial

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Ron Hariri began his real estate career in investment and development by privately funding a group of note and residential real estate acquisitions in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay area. In 2003 Hariri founded All Star Financial to handle financial services related to note acquisition business model. In 2004 All Pacific Holdings, Inc. was formed by Hariri to be the holding company of entities and partnerships that would evolve as the business and partnerships grew nationwide. He lead the design of proprietary software applications that handled various steps of the business process, including increasing the efficiency of the note acquisition due diligence by over 500%. Hariri received his B.S. in Computer Science from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and holds a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering from University of Sothern California (USC).


Tracey King, President, Prudential Funding Group

Jim Zomorrodi, President, Southwest Note Holders Fund

Les Gee, President, Souwest Capital Services

Alan Forester, Attorney At Law