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Note Purchase and Servicing
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Special Projects
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  • St. John’s Capital Group
  • Note Servicing Center, Inc.
  • Prudential Funding Group, LLC
  • Prudential Mortgage Makers
  • Excel Homes
  • Millenia Recovery Group Inc.
  • Keys Capital, Inc.
  • Precise Values
  • Sunvest
  • Integrity Financial

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All Pacific Holdings, Inc. has been an active participant in financial services and real estate investment sector since the year 2003.  The company is focused on acquisition of assets ranging from residential or commerical real property, to non-performing secured lien assets, on a nationwide scale, at single asset or portfolio levels. Additional services provided are bridge financing for residential, commercial or industrial properties, special projects or equity joint ventures.

All Pacific Holdings, Inc. also serves as access hub to various real esate companies in strategic relationship to provide the best results for our clients. Our goal is to provide the best network of real estate services that is based on long term win-win relationship. The Relationship Network provides outstanding service to our investors, lenders, borkers and agents, homeowners and loan servicers.  All Pacific Holdings, Inc. has differentiated itself by uniquely offering wide range of solutions with highest level of integrity and professionalism.

All Pacific Holdings has expertise in specialized due diligence of defaulted assets, and the strategies to maximize the value of such portfolios. In addition, we offer direct lending to owner management of residential and commercial real estate in many states in United States.